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Unlike multipurpose law firms, our singular focus at Foley & Judell is in those areas of State and Federal law that pertain to public finance.  As a result, we possess an in-depth understanding of Louisiana law and the bond financings permitted thereunder and the Federal tax and securities laws that impact those financings.  This ensures that we have the specialized knowledge to render comprehensive services to our clients in their efforts to raise capital for a wide range of public purposes.  In our history, we have represented over 500 different local governments, boards, public trusts, authorities, special commissions, hospitals, colleges and universities.


Our experienced attorneys are capable of filling any of several roles in municipal transactions:

  • Bond Counsel

  • Underwriter's Counsel

  • Disclosure Counsel

  • Bank/Lender Counsel

  • Trustee Counsel

  • Public Sector Partner Counsel (P3 projects)


In addition, we assist our clients in the following areas as needed:

  • Local Elections

  • Legislation

  • Continuing Disclosure Filings

  • Economic Development Projects

  • Tax Credit Transactions

  • Lease-Purchase Agreements


Our years of service afford us a unique position of respect among the elected officials and regulatory bodies with whom we constantly interact on behalf of our clients.

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